• Sagrada Família Barcelona

    Sagrada Família Barcelona

    Work on the Sagrada Família started in 1882 using the conventional neo-Gothic designs of Francisco de Paula del Villar. The work was handed over to Antoni Gaudí who worked on it for the next 4 decades.

    This is a truly awe inspiring temple and inspired by a deep seated faith. With its impossibly tall columns representing trees and arches for branches, the interior is a sort of homage to the natural world.

    The organic and natural curvature of the arches and stone work is a hallmark of Gaudí’s architectural style. While we revel in Gaudí’s indomitable signature curves and shapes, we forget that in order or achieve them, he was an accomplished structural engineer. The imposing mosaic stained glass windows are typical of the exuberant flashes of colour seen in much of his architecture. Natural light pours in and is diffused over the light coloured stonework.

    Sagrada Família is not a cathedral though it was elevated to the status of a “minor basilica” when Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the unfinished church in 2010. Today, although still in construction after 133 years, it attracts three million visitors annually. It is scheduled for completion in 2026, to celebrate the centennial of the architect’s death.

  • Amitabh Bachchan Low poly illustration

    Amitabh Bachchan Low poly illustration


    Created by Abhishek Aggarwal a.k.a AbhiKreationz. Super talented and has a few high profile lowpoly illustrations on his Behance page: https://www.behance.net/abhikreationz

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  • Superhero Avatars

    Superhero Avatars

    Following on from my previous post and adopting the ‘edgy’ concept I have produced some icons of well known and best loved superheroes from DC and Marvel comics. The characters’ inherent visual distinctiveness lends itself well to this minimalist approach. No prizes for naming them!

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  • The Queens Club – AEGON Championships

    The Queens Club – AEGON Championships

    I went along to the AEGON Championships at The Queens Club to watch some big names on quarter finals day, featuring Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Fernando Verdasco. With varying light levels it was tricky to get decent shots. I had fun trying though!

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  • Images of Buenos Aires

    Images of Buenos Aires

    These very rustic urban ‘scapes’ of Buenos Aires were taken by Minesh Parmar (see previous post). Buenos Aires is the biggest and the most populated metropolitan city in Argentina. I love these for their vividness and grungy textures but most intriguing of all, the sparseness’ of these shots give little hint that this is a thriving cosmopolitan capital city, with a population of more than 13 million people!


  • Minesh Parmar – Illustrator

    Minesh Parmar – Illustrator

    Minesh Parmer is a London based graphic illustrator. These sketches are but a ‘drop in the ocean’ of a vast body of work. They have an unadulterated, raw quality about them and I love the edgy, intricate pencil work – it’s beautifully detailed and obviously a real labour of love. I’m going to try and get more of his work to showcase but in the meantime, here is a small collection of his illustrations:

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  • Depicting Hindu Mythology

    Depicting Hindu Mythology

    I recently bought a book called The Little Book of Hindu Deities by Sanjay Patel, Pixar animator and illustrator. Originally intended for my son aged 5, I found I was drawn to it probably more than he was. The illustrations of gods, demigods, avatars and Hindu symbols are exquisite, child-like and imbue a sense of wonderment. I like the predominant use of flat block colours and the rigid, sharp shapes that give the characters a striking pose. Demonic or benevolent, it’s the eyes that lend the figures their emotion.

    Following the success of his first book Sanjay has subsequently published; Ramayana (Divine Loophole), ‘a graphic retelling of more than 100 vibrant illustrations and sketches of a cast of characters – demons, gods, animals and humans’ of an epic Hindu story. His visual style is reminiscent of The Pink Panther cartoon title sequences and more recently The Incredibles title sequence, incidentally, a Pixar production!

    Credit: Ramayana: Divine Loophole by Sanjay Patel, published by Chronicle Books.

    Find out more


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  • Mark Rathinaraj – Artist

    Mark Rathinaraj – Artist

    Mark Rathinaraj was born at T. Palur, a village near the temple town of Kumbakonam and now  based in Chennai. I first met Mark whilst I was holidaying in South India with my family in 2009. He was an acquaintance of my father in law, who I suppose could be regarded as one of many admirers of Marks work and a long standing well-wisher. We visited his studios in Chennai and he showed us his ample portfolio of work.

    The style

    Mark has a very distinctive style, bringing his subjects to life with his trademark strong black outlines against brown rustic backdrops and sweeping strokes. His themes primarily focus on Indian dance and culture and everything about his work shows fluidity and movement. His works are lauded for their energy and vibrancy but despite his energetic technique, they also seem to imbue a sense of contemplation. Whether it’s dance or yoga much of his work involves the portrayal of people. The ability to capture movement is about “getting the basic skeletal anatomy right” in his own words. One of his major influences is another Indian born artist, K.K. Hebbar. It’s easy to see how much of the powerful lines from his work have pervaded Marks’ approach to his own art.

    If you want to see more visit: http://www.online-paintings.com/ Here are some examples of Marks’ work:

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  • 3 tools to fuel your inspiration

    There is a plethora of design blogs and online design magazines that many designers turn to for inspiration and keeping abreast of current web developments. In fact it’s no exaggeration to say that our field is saturated with them. Looking for inspiration from them is both easy and hard. Easy, in that there is no shortage of articles and blogs with the word ‘inspiration’ in them. Hard, because it’s not always going to be the sort of inspiration you’re necessarily looking for and you find yourself browsing a multitude of distracting online content, only to forget what you were looking for in the first place!

    As a designer it’s a good problem to have I would say but requires some self discipline and patience. If you’re like me however and bereft of such virtues you may find the following tools useful in your everyday life as a designer.

    1. Netvibes

    I’ve been a Netvibes user for about 2 years now having been introduced to it by my esteemed work colleague (Diego Lago – Springmile). I have to say it has completely changed by browsing behaviour. Netvibes is a ‘mashable’ – a free web tool that allows you to personalise your web experience by incorporating feeds from your favourite websites so you can view them all on one page. It also allows you to set up tabs so you can categorize your space. So for example, if you set up a tab called Design Inspiration, you can pull in feeds from Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Abduzeedo, Dzine Blog, Weddesigner Depot and view as many as ten items from each one. This is an excellent tool for a consolidated view of your favourite websites and in theory you need never use your bookmarked pages again. What’s more there are plenty of associated widgets to choose from including, Hotmail inbox, Google calendars, Tube service updates and Twitter where I can post tweets directly from. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I actually logged into my Twitter account – there’s just no need when you have this widget.

    2. Clipmarks

    Clipmarks is a sort of ‘clipboard’ that you can create whenever you want to capture something of interest. My personal page has a host of logo images which I take inspiration from and BBC iPlayer videos that I want to watch again. You can see clips of text, images or video and save them for public viewing. It also allows you to post clips directly to your blog and email them to friends. There is a nice facility to select Guides. Guides are people who will bring you the most compelling clips of text, images, and video they find on the web. Essentially, they’re your web editors, enabling you to consume a more diverse stream of content than you could surfing alone. I’m not personally a very advanced user of Clipmarks. I don’t have Guides and I don’t generally view other peoples’ clips. I do random searches and I use it a repository of interesting things I’ve come across on the web. For me it’s a sort of online scrapbook.

    3. ScrnShots

    Scrnshots.com is a community for designers to share screenshots of interesting and beautiful design. This is a fabulous tool for designers looking for inspiration. Essentially you can search websites that users have posted with certain keywords and have a whole host of screenshots made available to you. By signing up you can make screen shots of cool websites available to others. It allows users to post comments and follow your favourite contributors by adding contacts to your personal profile. That allows you to keep up to date with their screenshot postings. It’s not really all that sophisticated but it does have a desktop widget available so that you can select an area of the screen you want to capture, upload saved files and attribute tags to improve searching.

    So there are my 3 favourite web tools I use to get inspiration. I would love to know what others use.

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