I’m a Creative Director with 20 years digital design experience. I get a real ‘kick’ out of conceptualising ideas, crafting creative solutions and influencing a strategic vision.

I am a self-starter with proven leadership skills, managing design teams, client management experience and leading creative and user-experience work-streams. I have a thorough understanding of digital design processes and work closely with UX and visual designers to develop and articulate highly conceptual and innovative interfaces for multi-channel digital projects.

My experience covers, web, mobile, tablet and digital TV interfaces. I put my skills to a wide variety of uses, including; brainstorming, sketching, mood-boarding, storyboarding, video production, copywriting and devising coherent design strategies for existing clients and new business proposals.

What I do

Gleaning insights

In order to solve design problems you have to know what the problem is. Workshops, with the right techniques are a great way to gain insights on the vision, business needs, and desired customer experiences. I have a extensive experience with designing and facilitating workshops and synthesizing findings into a strategic roadmap for organisations.

Concept & ideation

Starting with rapid low-fi sketches and wireframes, concept design interprets the research & insights to arrive at potential solutions. It takes an open and collaborative culture to extrapolate the best ideas and validate them. I understand user experience design processes from defining interaction models to creating rapid prototypes.

Crafting the solution

Design is an iterative and immersive process. As a classically trained graphic information designer, I have a passion for good UI from a user experience and visual design perspective. Crafting design is as much about directing a visual language as well as crafting the right relationships with clients and bringing them along the journey.